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KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio + Portable

KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio + Portable

IDPhotoStudio - простая в использовании программа для создания и печати фотографий для документов. Принцип работы IDPhotoStudio прост: выбор нужного снимка, установка формата снимка (из меню), выбор количества снимков на листе и печать. В настройках программы имеется возможность преобразовать оригинальный снимок в оттенки серого или в режим сепия. IDPhotoStudio экономно располагает на листе выбранное количество изображений, после чего их можно распечатать или сохранить в файл.

When we first downloaded IDPhotoStudio, we figured that, based on its name, it would be a program that helps users capture and edit images to be used on photo IDs. Apparently, our expectations were too high. We cant really imagine any circumstance under which IDPhotoStudio would be useful; although it works, were just not sure what the point is.

IDPhotoStudio application is designed to be a free user-friendly ID photo printer and duplicator. ID-sized photos tend to be something that you never have enough of and, given that it can be a pain to go to the closest mall and get some new ones taken, you could just take a recent photo and make multiple copies of it from the comfort of your PC. IDPhotoStudio is a program that will create and print passport sized photos for you in a snap.

Featuring only the bare necessities, IDPhotoStudio, will handle the job in seconds, allowing you to drag and drop your picture onto the interface. You can then select between three ID Photo sizes: US, Canada or France. Because you often need a certain number of photos printed out, IDPhotoStudio has a little drag meter to let you select how many photos you’ll need, from 1 to 15. Click on the print button to get the paper copies of your photo.

IDPhotoStudio is an original idea, and it’s good to see someone come up with a program to quickly print out ID photos. However, the application left us disappointed for a number of reasons. First of all, it doesn’t respect the aspect ratio of photos, so if you drag a large image there’s a risk it’ll appear distorted. Also, when it comes to editing functions, IDPhotoStudio only includes the option to apply sepia or monochrome color filters. We would have preferred if it included tools like a red-eye remover, cropping or contrasting, which are much more useful for improving the quality of pictures. The program doesn't even include an undo feature, meaning that if you accidentally set your image to greyscale when you'd prefer it in color, you'll need to start over.

If you have a good mug shot of yourself and want to quickly print out a set of passport sized photos, IDPhotoStudio will probably suit you. However, the lack of advanced editing features means you’ll never really be guaranteed with a high quality image of yourself. In all, if you want to be on the safe side, use a proper photo editing application like Photoshop or Photofiltre to edit and print good ID sized photos.

Активация|рег код: FREE
Язык Интерфейса: ML + Русский
ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
Размер файла: 1.4/1.9 Mb

KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio

KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio Portable

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KC Softwares IDPhotoStudio 214151 + Portable
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